Board Consulting

We help clients identify and appoint Independent Directors who fit to the organizational and business contexts of our clients’ firms. This helps ensure that an organisation's Board is composed of an appropriate balance of non-executive directors in terms of skills, experience and representation, as well as having an awareness and interest in governance issues.

The search for Independent Directors can differ quite extensively from that for senior executives.

Our Context Driven Board Search process uncovers what gaps exist in the skills, experience and political or commercial positioning of the current Board. It looks at particular requirements for specialist skills, as well as the potential need to match existing management strengths. Candidates are identified based not only their own skills and suitability but also on the requirements and objectives of the client. Candidates should be able to create distinctive value through their ability to handle the scale, complexity, importance and commercial risks that the company's operations entail and make a real contribution to Board discussions.

Using this process and working in partnership with our clients, Amrop's senior practice executives help ensure that the Board is composed of the necessary strategic and technical skills to guide the organization. We have successfully helped to develop and appoint Board members across the entire spectrum of industries, all around the world.

Amrop works with existing Boards as well as helping start-up organizations set up suitable Boards of Directors that are both appropriate to the aims and core business of the company as well as being compliant with Governance rules and regulations. In many cases, Amrop has also been tasked with the identification of the ideal candidate to Chair the Board with extremely successful outcomes. Working with a key Governance expert, Amrop can also offer a review process to ensuring that our clients' Boards meet the expectations of new Governance regulations.